XS458 Fast Taxi

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Russell's notes......

 Well after a very successful 2013, 458 has now undergone the essential maintenance and servicing that she deserves.

Terry will keep you up to date on 458 during 2014, and we look forward to another good year this year. 

For all of you that want to talk XS458 I've set up a face book page - lightningt5group - So if you have anything to say or just wish to listen in, join me there. Hope to chat with you soon.

Best wishes

Russell Carpenter, Owner.

Future Events
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Thunder Run Update 7th September 2014
 Hi All,
Unfortunately we are having to cancel next Saturday the 13th September's Thunder Runs, as we have some additional maintenance to do on 458.
Next Thunder Run will be 18th October, to those of you that are coming please meet Russell in the Cafe Pacific at 9.30am.
If you are interested in attending our next Thunder Run on the 18th October, please contact Russell via this Website or through our Facebook page.
  I will continue to keep you up to date and look forward to seeing you all again soon.

















XS458 - Full Afterburn!
Cockpit Chat

Interested in a cockpit experience for yourself?

A unique opportunity awaits for those who do not wish to go to the expence of a full reheat 'thunder run'. Enjoy a cockpit experience in the countrys only serviceable two seat Lightning! To be conducted by either a Lightning pilot or our own chief engineer, they will show you the cockpit instrumentation, including fuel, navigation and armament etc. At the conclusion of this cockpit tour will be the the grand finale, under the watchful eye of the supervisor - you start the engine!

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Past Events
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Past Events







Hi All,

Please find below Thunder Run Dates for this year

18th October

8th November

These dates are obviously subject to change through adverse weather or Technical problems but Russell and myself will keep you up to date via Facebook and this website.
















Feed Back

From time to time we get emails and phone calls stating "..what a great day I had.." or "..the family enjoyed the day.." so in appreciation we'd like to show you what we receive..

Visit the Feedback page..