PostHeaderIcon Cockpit Chat - Dennis Brooks

Continued... more detail, the cockpit experience will enable you to immerse yourself in the Lightning pilots world of gauges, dials, selectors and gun sights, all of which will be explained to you. When the tutorial is over the engine run will commence. Now, fitted with a helmet you will undertake, alongside the supervisor, the start up checks. When complete you will start the mighty Rolls Royce Avon! From first spin of the engine to full reheat - take advantage of this unique Lightning experience.


Sqn Ldr Dennis Brooks, retired (pictured), ex commanding officer of the Lightning Training Flight, has flown all the individual marks of  Lightning operated by the Royal Air Force. He has a favourite - which one is it? Ask him when you come along and have your own Lightning experience................the second seat awaits...

Dennis Brooks
photo: © Darren Harbar